The Youngevity Scam.

Youngevity Scam

Ass Hat Scammer


Youngevity is a COMPLETE RIP OFF.

I started to promote the product in 08/2012. right away they start forcing you to buy their garbage product and these outdated back office tools and crappy websites.

Because I have my own site, I stated that I did not want to pay a monthly fee for a webpage I would never use and I did not want to PAY TO BE PUT ON AUTOSHIP!

That’s right!

These greedy scammers actually CHARGE you for the privilege of having them mail this crap to you every month whether you need it or not!

Because I refused the upcharge, I was told I would not receive commission on my downline only direct sales!

Get That?

If you don’t pay them first, they won’t pay you!

Regardless, I spent many hours and a lot of money building my youngevity websites, I have about 10 of them, and advertising them.

I have a site that has been ranked #1 in Google since last Sept. for a lot of youngevity keywords, and in that time I have made  whopping $28 in commission, and that was from one sale back in Aug!.

Nothing but zeroes in every month since, but I was occasionally signing up new people so I let my sites mature and kept them updated.

My last new enrollment was in December and yet my sites combined are getting a few hundred hits/day, so I start to check it out, and I find out that Youngevity is REDIRECTING clicks on my AFFILIATE ID to some other Affiliate!!!! Thieves! They have hijacked thousands of hits from me!

So I can say without a SHADOW OF DOUBT, This company is a SCAM!

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